We invite you to be part of the movement to entice more people to move to the heart of Marrickville and make Kindred apartments their new home.

If there are people you know who would be well suited to local life, we encourage you to refer them to us. Should they purchase an apartment in Kindred, you will receive a $3,000 Bing Lee gift card*

This offer is only open to buyers introduced prior to the end of the financial year 2018.

We respect your privacy and your personal information will be maintained in accordance with our "Privacy Policy", by clicking submit you agree to this policy.
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Why Kindred?

Kindred Marrickville is a well-designed and attractive mid-sized development that occupies an excellent position on Marrickville Road. It is very close to both Sydney University and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Its elevated position and good use of natural light also added to it's appeal. We had an excellent relationship with our very professional sales consultant which made buying into the development even more appealing. It represented good value and gave us a foothold into a part of the Sydney property market that I believe will continue to out-perform it peers.

Simon Bassett - Kindred Buyer

Terms & Conditions

  1. Gift Card is to be provided by Astute upon a referral which results in a successful sale. Astute is providing the Gift Card to the successful referrer
  2. Should a person be referred twice, the person who registered the referral details first online will be deemed the referrer
  3. The opportunity to refer a friend ends 1 May 2018. However should a successful sale result from the referral by 1 July 2018 the referrer will still be entitled to their Gift Card
  4. CBRE is not part of this offer; this offer is an agreement between the developer and the purchaser.
  5. Referrer can nominate more than one purchaser